Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I am at a cross roads...Creating the real question graphic?
Art by Judith Parsons Art Priestess 2018 San Francisco

I met a young naive innocent girl. Her eyes reminded me of my sisters Lynn eyes, her daughter has the same eyes. There is an innocence in her eyes. A lovely sort of puppy look. When you look into those eyes you immediately want to protect that person (or puppy).

I am old enough now, to glance over my shoulder at all I have lived and see the highlights of my existence. The loves, the touches in candle light that never left me, the births of my children and their first connect to my soul. Times upon the sail boat with specials loves.

I will blame this questioning feeling upon the full moon. Everything is shifting. As if plate-tectonics is happening underfoot and there isn’t anything I can do about it. I am not worried about it. It is as if my feet are 2 inches above the ground. I can “SEE” clearly who I am becoming, and all the puzzle pieces of the future are sliding into a 3 dimensional tetris game called my life.

Back to that little girl. Her innocence cracked open my soul. I told a few people about her. A trusting from her that threw me into the sun. I examined all the faults, all the pitiful pieces of myself in that flash of her puppy dog stare. How does one person do that? How does one so pure fling us into the fire to be burnt back to pure?

I am guessing this chest infection is a part of the whole- reassess and evaluate my life. If you can imagine the end of time, my toes are on the edge. I am stronger than I have ever been. The little innocent children NEED protectors.

It is time for us the be the angels that we wanted for ourselves.

Spring has sprung.

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