Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Knowing the knowing...Thank you Deepak!

Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2018 San Francisco
Explanation of how art flows.

Hello Sweet artsy friends!

Today I am explaining the process of how my art and illustrations take on their own life.

This particular art started with Dr. Deepak Chopra's words: "Knowing the knowing, understanding the understanding."

Many of us are evolving and becoming more aware of our energy. I have learned all 3 levels of Reiki and use it daily in my life.

The spiral comes from my studies. The sacred symbol seemed like the perfect space upon which to hold the words Deepak spoke -in a instagram video. (Fig.1)

I then took the elements of the composition and enclosed the spiral words above the red circle. Red being a passionate color, red also represents the root chakra.  (Fig.2)

Then the next morning I awakened with the idea of creating a figure with that spiral. I used seven circles of the head shape to give me the height. Then used the warp feature in photoshop to pull the red spiral and created the torso, bicep, forearm and hand. Then did the same with the leg and foot. (Fig.3) Notice the silly circles for the breast. (laughing)

Then I decided to play and create a side view. These figures are abstract-deconstructed energy. Flowing energy and a lovely bottom of energy for her buttocks. (Fig.4)

The last playful piece was the pentagon geometric shape. I used two of the side viewed women, placed them back to back and rotated them 72 degrees to create a female star. I particularly liked the fingers of her hands touching! Behind the women, I duplicated them and then blurred with a radial blur. (Fig.5)

I am very close to learning "Adobe after effects". I am teaching myself. My daughter swears she will tutor me for a night or two when I see her in April. Watch out world!

Now why did I do all of this? It started with Dr. Deepak Chopra's words. "Knowing the knowing." There comes a time of introspection, when you realize you are doing what you are loving because you can not help but create. I create, because I can not help but create.

I adore what Deepak says about the creative mind is "whole and holy". Thank you Deepak for inspiring art! Life is great with our connected energy! Be inspired! Be transformed! Keep flowing and glowing!

Woooohoooooo!!! Expect miracles! 2018

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