Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Leaning against the threshold

Original art created using Illustrator
by Judith Parsons Art 2018 San Francisco

John O'donahue was a great one to talk about crossing thresholds. Walking through a dooryard to another (fill in the blank).

Another world
Another you
Another attitude
Another love
Another relationship

Then a friend was talking about her depression. How she didn’t feel like doing anything. That she stayed with it- she had the luxury of staying at home, not having to leave her bed. She is very rich, and she doesn’t know it.

Most of us- HAVE to leave our beds and have to go make the money to pay the bills.

Though- that isn’t the point of this rambling blog. The point was the depth of the threshold. I think of a threshold as a door way, much like a door jamb.
The door jamb is 6 inches - at the most- 8 inches. Though, what if the threshold becomes a hallway.

So the walking through is an action which takes time. It would be akin to standing in a doorway. Leaning against the door jamb. Maybe just waiting until one gathers the courage to actually step through, into the next space, the next realm, the next whatever it is you are searching for.

However, as I am typing the words here, I am pondering over the woman who just stayed in bed. She was owning her depression and her state of not wanting to face the world.

Why do some of us keep evolving and wanting more? Not content to lay still in the bed. While others are perfectly content to stay put?

So many questions.

Whatever your wants, may you find them. The light is always at the end of the threshold. We have this! We are conquering our fears, we are, we are!

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