Friday, February 16, 2018

The Healing Self

Photograph and composition by Judith Parsons Art 2018

I met Dr. Deepak Chopra last night, I shook his hand and gave him some art I created. It was a moment in life that I had dreamed of ages ago. I knew in my heart I would meet him one day. It was a lovely meeting, and as I sat in the front row listening to his lecture I was in awe of this wise young man.

Deepak is young, there is a light that emits from him, a glowing when he is speaking about what he loves. He reminds me of a young boy that is learning to float upon his back. As Deepak made eye contact with me for a few seconds every now and again, I felt that innocent spirit that is very much like the child-like want to be swimmer.

I imagine I will meet up again with this incredible giving man. His passion for healing others is palatable. I am glowingly happy as I read your book. I am savoring the words. Enjoying how to heal and become healthier. Thank you for your healing light!

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