Saturday, June 2, 2018

Line seven

Created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco
Last week I watched a video about Japan. The Suicide Forest was a place where people tied a string to a tree then they walked into the forest.

The string was their life line back out of the forest, it was also a string to help others find the body - if they indeed decided to end their existence.

 Margaret's artist statement:


Today I have created a graphic which takes
you into the dark woods.

What string do you carry in your hand? What is the texture of the string? Is it a spool of ribbon? Is it basic kite string? Look at that line in your hand.

Now, drop the string and glance toward the sky. Be thankful for your beautiful existence, be thankful for your connections and your relationships.

The contrast of life and death give us intense perspective. Thank you Margaret for your intense words.

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