Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Pulling apart bodies.

Graphic composition created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco. (Do not use without permission)

Line 8

and pull them apart.”

The next creation, deconstructing Margaret Parson’s artist statement.

I went looking for art that stretched and pulled apart goo. Yes. Something elastic and rubbery and sort of hold-able. I found a photo of orange plastic looking stuff. A woman held it upon her two hands. It was stretched in between her hands.

The LINE part of the other 7 pages, I placed over the orange area and then “pulled it apart”.

Stretching the “LINES”. Trying to convey some sort of elasticity.

Margaret’s art isn’t messy or complicated like my art. Your eye follows her lines, which are sequential most of the time. There are places of crossing, which require you to stop, pause- as if at a four-way stop.
Though, generally she pulls the thread of energy deliciously. She keeps feeding it energy so that it never ends.

She is magic.

My daughter, is a genius. 
Follow her on instagram: marrrge or mparsonsart

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