Friday, June 8, 2018

line 9 No more rain.

Graphic designed and created by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018

I am taking my time, creating art for each sentence of my daughter's artist statement.

Her statement
is helping me
create and write my own.

Every Line of her statement
is about her "lines"

Line 9 is:
"My lines prod, investigate and caress."

Such a lovely word. When someone"prods" along...what do you think of?
I think of a heavy pair of welding boots upon my feet, and trying to walk up these San Francisco hills.

I will never forget, one rainy night, after a long day in a metal welding class...I was walking to my apartment. And I was dragging my ass up the hill, moving slower than every one. My head was hung, and I was beat up tired. I will never forget the homeless man telling me not to give up. To keep going.
I raised my head, patted him on the arm. So dang tired, I smiled and nodded. and whispered: "Thank you."

It stayed with me, that night. The rain was refreshing. It was a cleansing sort of soft rain, not hard enough to run away from it. Just a nice easy rain.

So sorry, I got off track. Margaret's words, they heal me like water does. Her words caress me, they slip underneath my skin, they stay with me. She is ALWAYS supportive. I have never ever heard her say a negative word, EVER.

You know, that is an incredible energy to know, and I am so blessed to have her incredible love and support. I think I need to think upon heading toward the south, closer to where my daughter is. I want an adventuresome life. I want to travel the globe and do spiritual pilgrimages. I want to inspire folks and create incredible art.

For now, I am using my laptop and creating art from my bed. I do not have a studio, or a place to make art. So I use what I have. for now, I am deconstructing Margaret's artist statement...line by line.

Prodding along. Investigating the future by trusting in what feels right. Not fighting anything anymore. No more, standing under rain...just trusting in what is good and right.

The universe prods along, we investigate and hopefully find a soft cheek to caress along the way.

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