Thursday, November 7, 2013

Swan dive

Surrender to Grace.

I came across this photo (Thank you Mya--waving) of a man swan diving from a mountain-his arms are out stretched into a flying soaring position!

What an incredible thing to do. To dive off a mountain. Think how exhilarating it must be to soar for a few second- and then dive into the water! (laughing) I think I have found the expression of me…I love the idea of flying and swimming! (still chuckling) This captures both LOVES.

I am in awe of folks that do these sort of things. I wonder if the men that do this-  grew up in families where it was the norm to fly-swim? I imagine they teach the little children to jump from lower levels and build up to the towering majestic heights, that you see in the photo.

The swan is your intuitive knowing grace. We all know in our belly- what feels good. Keep centered upon the good feelings. It is a choice to be sad. Decide- make a choice to smile. It is contagious!!!

Stay aligned to peace- accept the healing of Love. Soar in it!! 

It is going to be a fabulous day!! 

Yes it is!!  


This is heaven upon earth!!

Diving into the day!!!

Arms out stretched!!!

Woooooohooooooo-ing all the way down!!

Splashing into the joyous waters of Love! I love you all!

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