Friday, November 1, 2013

Mother of Pearl

Yesterday I started glazing a piece with mother of pearl glaze. I am hopeful the colors fire the way I remember them upon the shells I would pick up along the beach.
The silvery purple luminous shining colors of the ocean’s tears. Sooo glorious the colors are!

Mother of Pearl- what a great name of something! The mother of the pearl is an oyster. It takes in a bit of sand and miraculously a pearl is born. A friend gave me an oyster that had a pearl in it- ages ago. I wonder where I put it. I have moved 3 times since. Along time ago I kept it beside my bed- a symbol for something magnificent coming out of something rather misshapen and no so pretty.

I love that idea- the Pearl having a mother…and her colors being the magnificent colors of the ocean’s tears. Shining colors that could be moonlight upon the ocean at night.

I decided to glaze two parts of the wings- they are “J” shaped- and the design is a puzzle of sorts- 2 parts slide and fit into one another- the wings are separate from the body of the bird. Then the 2 “J” shapes slide into the wings to create an x shape inside the bird. (laughing) I know- you are thinking –huh? (smiling) I will reveal when it is all perfectly glazed.

All these thoughts and words tumble into the shore of me- as I glaze my art- a bird of sorts wanting to carry a magnificent pearl to you.

Have a glorious weekend sweet Loves!!! J


  1. Great blog the line " All these thoughts and words tumble into the shore of me"...such a wonderful visual! :)