Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Then you shall."

Anita Boyle, Reiki Master from Ireland

My supporter, my right arm, Anita Boyle (Waving) is an incredible person! (Grinning)
She supports me in EVERY way. She is constantly available to talk or skype. She heals me with her prayers. She totally believes in me.

If I say, I would like to do this. Then she says: “Then you shall.” I smile and laugh…and think to myself: “Wow! If she believes I can do it, then I shall.”

She has said those words to me soooo many times that now, I say them to others. (smiling sigh)

We all want and desire things. We need to trust in those dreams. And “KNOW” that God or what ever you believe in, the universe , is going to provide.

What you believe, you speak. What you speak – you manifest into reality- then shall be.

So far it has worked for me! Thank you Anita for your constant incredible support and love!!

I am constantly amazed, how you,  half way around the world can make such a big difference in my 

Wooohooooo!!! God is good! Life is incredible! Keep soaring!

P.S.- I hope you don't mind Anita- I was playing in photoshop- I wanted to make you appear angelic! (grinning) You are my spiritual soul sister- an angel to me! Thank you for your constant light and love!)

Below is the illustration I created for you.


  1. What do you mean want to make me look angelic...i thought i already was! Smiling...

  2. It is always nice to have a friend like yours :) and a Reiki Master too a definite keeper! I loved Reiki therapy.... :)