Monday, November 18, 2013



You know passion when you feel it. It stays with you forever. Doing the 21 day meditation my higher self- the passionate part of me visits me.  I rest and lean back into her arms- she envelops me into her passionate safe arms- and I refuel my passion energy.

You know passion when you see it. It is in their eyes. It is the intensity upon the persons face.
You can feel their passion! Their energy over flows into you and you  smile!
It is a contagious incredible feeling!

I love passionate people!  I love you!

You do what you love! You smile, grin and sparkle with passion!

(Smiling sigh) IN fact- you have a hard time taking off from what you love- You want to make up for lost time- so you spend ALL your time doing your craft….Creating!

Today I am forcing myself to relax a little. I want to rush in and cut glass and combine the clay and the glass. However, pacing myself…I take a break…Sip coffee…Do the Oprah and Deepak meditations and rest.

I hope you are having a glorious day!! Keep soaring!!! I love you all!!!


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  1. Well said. Even passion needs to relax and take in what is around us. It improves the output of our passions.