Wednesday, November 27, 2013


He Sparkles!

Yesterday was Lawrence Noble’s class. He is always a blast to learn from. He is philosophical about art and light, which makes him a king in my book! He had a special sparkle in his eye as we talked about the Thanksgiving holidays.

I wish I had taken notes on all that he said. Because he comes up with some magnificent words! He said his daughter was a fire cracker of  a woman, she was beautiful like her mom and smart as can be. She was going to be "Dr. " soon. and you could tell he was tickled pink.

When Lawrence said: “She is my Corona!”  The class laughed! What a fabulous way to sum up the feeling one has for another. He is going to gulp down the energy of love over the holidays! A drink that makes you smile! He is going to put his feet up and the hardest decision he is going to make is whether or not to put lime in his beer! 

You got to love that man!

I am blessed and very Thankful this holiday. No, I am not with family. And yes- I miss the hell out of them. But, being here- in San Francisco surrounded by cool professors and being able to create and glaze art and relax is fabulous.

I hope you have someone that makes you sparkle and shine!

I love you facebook friends.

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  1. So happy you are loving San Francisco! I can't wait to be with you for the New Year... :)