Saturday, April 8, 2017

J and J

Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2017.
Created using the shape J...repeating it, inverting the color,
turning down the opacity...just playing.

Today was a miracle day! 

A friend who has known me since before I had children tracked me down. We laughed and howled and stepped right back into our long old relationship. We  both married military men. She is still married to her husband. We moved and moved and moved.
It is what one does.
We became nomads. 
And we were thrilled when we happened to meet up again in the same town.

Our relationship started in Monterey, CA. They lived above us. I would sleep late and she would think I was not home and she would play her piano. I would lay in bed and smile. It was heaven being below her. I tried not to make any noise, so she would continue to play. As soon as she realized I was home- she would stop. She is an incredible talented woman. 

(Thank you Janet for connecting again.)

One of our favorite all time holiday memories is Thanksgiving 1989.  We decided to go camping,  and she had a wee little baby!! I will never forget how they bundled Angie up into a little pink eskimo ski onesie. I am laughing thinking about her arms stuck outside into a T position, because the thick padding made it impossible for her arms to move.

We camped at New Brighton Beach. We actually smoked a turkey and had an incredible feast! The sound of the beach was glorious. The company delightful!

As our families grew we would camp out together! Our first camping trips we slept in tents. It is exciting to sleep in a tent. One awakens as the sun rises and birds start chirping. They always brought their boat along and they would try their best to get us up on skies…rarely did we manage to ski.
As our finances improved we would rent a house instead of camping. I have old photographs with diamonds sparkling on the water.
We would take turns cooking for the group. Oh, what glorious vacations. It was the only annual vacation our family would take.

It was grand catching up with Janet today! (Waving and grinning) It is nice knowing someone who has known me forever. There is something to be said for old time memories. I miss looking into the fire and seeing a smiling face looking back at me. The faces golden from the warm light. The city is okay. However, having a fire in a pit, and being outside with the breeze and the sounds of the ocean is heaven upon earth.

God knows we made some incredible memories!!

Maybe I will tell you guys about the rain storm and having nothing on but a white button down shirt. Whew wee…it was a crazy time.

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