Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day of the Dead

Last night I was awakened by gun shots. A powerful sound echoed through the streets, the sound of its furry ricocheting like thunder to make me lift my head. I count four then five shots.
The sound of silence- hung in the air. A few minutes of death hung in the air. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness there were strange lights flickering. My story is the warmth of my hair and body created an electricity field…the warmth of my new foamy mattress combined with the 2 quilts over me made slight small lightning light appear. (That’s my story and I am sticking to it.)

It seemed like a long amount of time before the sirens started. I sighed a sigh of relief- the sirens were far off. For some reason it calmed my fears.

I will never forget the gun shots that awakened me. Nor the dream- that it awakened me from.

I was driving my mother’s old LTD. I was driving around Savannah, past galleries where paintings like the one on Mya de Rossi has as her profile photo is coming to life. The paintings step out of the canvas and begin living.
My mother’s car has a will of its own and I am unable to steer it, the brakes don’t work- and I am sitting behind the wheel of an automobile intent on taking me to the country. The car stops outside of a print shop.
All the people that were colorful paintings are now hanging out at the print shop. They wanted to see how I paint, how I bring them to life. The Mya painting –see below asked me about the painting I did on a sail. Well- she didn’t ask- she looked at me- and I remembered it.

I was sailing upon my sailboat with all my loves- with my colorful sail unfurled!!  My beloved Anita was there, and all the colorful facebook paintings come to life!

A crazy artist dream- where art reflects life and life reflects art!!
Have a great day- ALWAYS sing!!!

I love you!

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  1. Wow, very cool dream J, about the art coming to life! Really love being on the sailboat with your sail catching the wind! WoooHoooo