Monday, October 7, 2013

Day One! Woohooo!!!

Art Being Born

It is time for the next floor up!!! (grinning) I have been meaning to do this for ages….and finally I am here. I hope that I can reconnect with my students in Folsom. I hope I inspire you as artist to DO your passion!
If you are a friend, I hope I inspire you to live your BEST life, in body, mind and spirit.

I am learning to pace myself. It is the lesson of the antelope. There is no rush- slow down…take a large deep inhalation and slowly let the muscles relax.

Today I decide to finally start writing publically. I will continue to post poems directly to my special group: ”Serious Lovers of Poetry”
Maybe the admin- would help me collect what I have written- as most of it was written on the spur of the moment. I call it “raw writing” that’s my term for it- just “bam” let the spirit move me…and it jumps into my mind- and bod-da-bing,  it is born.

Art Being Born
The process of art…
The beginning of art… The Book of Kells- The first illustrated manuscript!
Art from a mother’s perspective…
Oooooh..this makes me VERY very HAPPY! (happy sigh)

I know I need to slow down and edit my work. Chances are- I won’t. (smiling)

I do let the spirit move me! I used to teach wonderful children at Folsom Elementary. If the children asked for direction on a art project I would smile and they knew by the end of the year- I would say;” Just let the spirit move you.”
I am writing with you all in my mind. I honor the role as an artist and teacher! Many of you have purchased my paintings and doodles. I will email you directly and let you know about my blog-so you can follow my accomplishments!

You little blue dog mask students propelled me to continue my education!!
How could I preach for you to follow your passion- when I was not following my own? (Hugging you all)

“A, E, I-O-U” Appreciate other, empathize with others and I owe you the best I can be..and you owe yourself the best you can be.

Woohoooooo!!! Keep soaring, shining and singing!!! Love you all!

Jp, Judy , Judith…call me anything you like!!!


  1. Great blog J...can't wait to hear more about how you create art!

  2. A beginning of a new phase. I love what you are doing and will be here every step of the way with and for you.