Friday, October 25, 2013


Cracks and Kintsugi

In pottery and life we get cracks in our vessel. The first part is assessing and evaluating the sort of crack we have. Most cracks happen because one is trying to add wet clay to a dryer clay. Whatever the reason the crack needs to be repaired.

The question are: Is it a surface crack? Is it a foundation crack? Does the piece need to be separated and repaired? Can the piece be repaired with some magical patching?

This is where you learn about “engobe”. The cool thing about this material is it has been fired- it will not shrink- it is a product made especially for placing in the void- in the crack- that needs “rejoining”.

I love that the material works because it has been fired. We learn from the mistake.

Kintsugo, is the process of highlighting the cracks with gold. So the crack become apart of the art!

In life we are tested again and again. As we learn from life’s lessons we go through the fires- and eventually we feel like we have been through the ultimate fire. We have fallen upon our knees, we have a huge crack through our heart and we have not a clue how to repair it.

I love the gold accentuating the cracks! What a fabulous statement about life and art.
Golden Love repairs everything. We need to ask for help and let another repair our heart with the “fired” magical mud. Putting us together as whole, coloring our surface with tender caressing love and light.

The holidays can be very stressful alone. Reach out and give compassion to those alone. Be the engobe  and gold that repairs hearts. Art reflects life- life reflects art.

I love you all.


  1. Love your blog J...its so true that we should celebrate the scars we have attained in this life, internally and externally because that's where we have grown most and have been given the biggest lessons and healing! Its not all plain sailing and we capsize a few times along the way but what an incredible privilege it is to be alive and to continue the journey, meeting so many wonderful people along the way!
    I know that meeting you, has been the biggest blessing in my life!

  2. Often times those very cracks in our being is what lets us truly shine through.

    This will be my first holiday season alone - I am looking forward to it and enjoying the possibilities that it will open up for me.

    Keep shining Jude!

    1. Love how supportive you are of J Cheryl! Hope you have a good holiday, x

  3. Thank you Cheryl!!! Love you!! It will be a strange holiday season for me too! Love you!