Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 10 Persistence is Omnipotent

Yesterday my sweet friend mentioned over coming the fear of failure. Immediately the words: "We try and try and try…until we do not fail." Came to mind.

Persistence is Omnipotent!

The sword must be sharp to cut through its object. Life is cutting through to the next level. We are the sword and the person holding ourselves!!! (Think of the Higher Soul helping. Grin) Let us sharpen our skills- let us sharpen our mind- let us sharpen physically, mentally and emotionally.

Most tend to think the BEST part of life is the next realm. Some place other than NOW. The present moment  is when we sharpen the metal against the grind stone. When we are hot and sweaty and exhausted--- the sparks and energy flying out NOW are incredible. 
NOW- as we honor the work- to BE come MORE –we know in our hearts of hearts we are learning and becoming!!!
I love love love the word- “BECOMING”

Honestly- standing up sculpting for 6 hours every day was HARD. I admit- I was thinking- I might be too old for this. If  one is not getting it perfect- then there is still much learning to be done. But then- I changed the way I was perceiving it- I decided ART was going to MAKE me strong!!! YEP! And it is!! I am proud to say I don’t have to wear heat patches everyday on my lower back. Yay me! (laughing)

Face those fears of failure. Throw that word “fear” out the window. Fear is not needed here. Replace fear with persistence. Learn what ever it is you need to learn. Keep doing it! Measure it- study it- SEE IT with your eyes closed!!!  Become what you want to learn! Immerse yourself into the process…THAT is LIVING!!!!

Then when the time come to cut right through the dull gray mundane mess of life- we can- creating an opening into the next realm of passion.
Opening our door- with our own sword. Ready for the next floor up.

When the energy is ready the Art Will Be Born. That is where my mind is these days- on KNOWING I will eventually conquer the task. As I give it more time-as I honor the work. I will grow into the artist I have always wanted to be.

(Wooohooooo!!!! Tonight I meet the local gallery owners that support our school! Pray for me- I will even be wearing a skirt!! Wow! Huh?)


  1. :) Beautiful . Being & Becoming

  2. You are incredible J... I am so proud of you! I love reading your blog...its inspirational!