Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 3- Oct. 9th

Crazy dreams! Of Angels and Red pot.

I dreamed about an eagle with a red pot in its talons. The photo you are seeing is the second story of the house I used to own. I designed the windows to be like a church. My personal cathedral. I loved the round window in the center. It was in 2 parts. It represented my children.
I loved that house. I loved cooking in that house. The kitchen was designed for “foodies”. I made many a marvelous meal with a magnificent red pot.

It was happy! I swear the eagle was grinning. The eagle representing the Great Spirit or God. The red pot reminding me of the seasons changing and warm luscious lovely stews simmering waiting for the family to walk in the door.

I awakened myself singing. I was singing to an angel. I can’t remember what I was singing. I could see her coming closer to me. She was a cloud, the moon was shining and the clouds were moving fast. At first she was in profile, then she came alive and turned and flew forward to me. She was so beautiful- I was in awe.

The angel will stay me for a long while. She was beautiful and graceful, the image I will take - as a good omen! Harbinger of the future! Enjoy this magnificent day!

(photo taken by my little angel friend Terry!! I love love love you!)


  1. I love the idea of you waking up singing to an angel! Such a happy way to awaken! A great sign that you are on the right path!