Friday, October 18, 2013

The Mind-Takes me there!!!

The imagination is a powerful thing. I can not remember where I heard it- however I like to believe it is true. That if you do something so thoroughly- memorizing every detail then later on you can recall that image, that scene and trick the mind to believing it is happening.

Now you are talking! (grinning) I have some favorite memories that I recall. I bring them to my minds eye and see them in slow motion. All the senses are working overtime bringing that lovely moment to the forefront of my mind.

It is magic. The mind is an incredible vehicle to soar. I love flying!!! When I get a chance to travel I sit beside the window and I gaze out of the window like a forlone child. (grinning) I longingly wish to SOAR! (smiling) Maybe I was an eagle in another life. (laughing)

Another memory I cherish is the beach. When I go to the beach as soon as I get out of the car I am taking in all the beach sounds and smells. The sensation of the wind upon my face- the salty sea smell, the sand between my toes and the sounds of the water. Early in the morning the water is asleep and softly kisses the shore. Mid day the water is fully awake and pounding the sand with its energy. Then as the sun sets and the tides change the ocean prepares to kiss the sun set. The energy fluctuates through out the day.

Now that I am in the city, I close my eyes at night and bring forth my favorite memories. They comfort me and caress me and in my mind I am there- reliving the moment. The intensity of the senses coming alive!

Happy Friday Sweet Loves!!!
Create!!! Honor the work!! Then celebrate the full moon tonight!!! I will be howling in my mind- I have howled with many of you in person. Bring that memory to the fore front of your mind- and then – imagine my arms wrapped around you- the warmth my heart next to yours!

Have a bless day!!! Soar!!!
(Sunset Beach photo-from google images)

Photo from Puma Ghostwalker's page on facebook.

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