Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grace being born

(Photograph by Anita Boyle. Do not use without permission)
The men and women that built Grace Cathedral must have been majestic souls. You can not help but feel filled with Grace and awe when you enter. 

When you walk into the nave you immediately feel small and insignificant. 

The photo shown, taken by Anita Boyle, reveals the scale of the columns. I am in the photo- walking away. I am tiny compared the the central columns.

I studied medieval architecture and fell in love with the word “triforium” - it was a level that allowed passage from one end of the cathedral to the other without disturbing the congregation.

The detail of the masonry is astounding. The stain glass is breath taking. The decoration of the ribbons make you lift your face. You can not help but look upward- toward the heavens.
The ribbons flows like liquid light- they twist and turn- swaying swirling reaching downward to entice you toward heaven.

I laid upon a pew. I did...I admit it. I have never done such a thing before..(I made sure my feet were not upon the cushion) I laid there- looking up at the ribbons. MESMERIZED.
I was captivated about everything.
The silence was divine. 

When I am in the church- I believe in humanity. I believe in artists and people who want to create something that lasts so long. The church makes me want to create something as majestic.

May we all find something breath taking today. May you find your passion and love.

Soaring beside you all!


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