Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oprah Winfrey...back to innocence...

Words taken from an Interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Graphic design: Judith Parsons 2015
its gonna be okay...
Coz- we know when we fail—
we are not in alignment...
when things go crazy...
We need to Get STILL...
ask ourselves: "what is the right next move?"

Failure helps  points into right direction!! " 

Words by Oprah Winfrey!!

I created this graphic- compelled to create another graphic because SHE is spot on target! 
Hitting the bullseye!!!

When I saw this I nodded my head and gulped…

Lordy mercy! The past few weeks have been a struggle. The wrong words said, I reacted instead of responding. I was not making the right “choices”…and we all know the bottom line- is making the right choices.


I believe it is time to go back to innocence…there was a song…Back to innocence. Hmmmm- it is time to look it up. 

I can not keep upon the same path - something has to change. And well- dang it- as much as I would like to blame the past weeks on anything but myself, I have to take responsibility  for my actions.
I am stomping my heels into the earth and not moving forward until the dust settles. (sighing)

I generally love life, I generally am a happy go lucky person. 

Generally speaking- but something got caught- snagged…Like running through a rose bush hedge and getting my clothing torn. I was the one running ahead--without looking...Without thinking- and dang it...I am so sorry I did. And I am sorry I hurt someone Dear to me in the process.

I have to take some time to mend the fabric of me. (and her)  I will use God’s thread…I will put on my best reading glassed so I might mend the fabric as neatly as possible.

Some times we need a little time to regroup. I apologize if things haven’t been smooth and clear. I am not sure what is going on. However, I have plenty of golden thread and I am good at mending. 

I plan to avoid the rose bush hedge. I know now. The compass points in a new innocent direction.

Slow down...find your center. FIND yourself. LIKE yourself. If it takes a year or two...FIND yourself FIRST!!!

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