Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ultimate art being born

I have been scrolling through photographs for many hours. Labeling and filing so I might find them again. My intent today was to get photos gathered so I might have an updated portfolio. (sighing)

Then well, I got lost in all the photos.

I felt these 2 photos captured ART being born the MOST. These tie in my love of the spiritual, the Book of Kells in Ireland, light and love and magic.

I decided to lay down in the church so I could meditate upon the ribbons that cascaded and flowed as if they were liquid light. 

The ribbons danced and became light.

Anita took this photo and I wasn’t aware of it. I was too busy trying to capture it on my cell phone.
The perspective and the vanishing point of the ribbons is a magical transformation of light and movement, the gentle swaying, the curling tips are alive with a dance that is beyond this world.

The cathedral is an incredible testament to magnificent architects that didn’t have the technology we have today. 

Todays blog unites the old and the new. The stain glass windows paint the pews in dichroic magical colors, the pews hold energy of hundreds that have come to pray, the woman laying upon the pew is using todays technology to capture magic. (smiling)
Magic connects me to Ireland, to spirit and to healing love.

Who knows what tomorrow brings. The magic of Grace cathedral is spell bounding, seeing her photographs reminded me of how incredible her “seeing” is. May we all take the time to “see” like this. May we lay back and look upward- and KNOW Gods Grace when we are in the midst of it.

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