Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Love

Chieftains Love.

I have always wanted to pursue my passion of creating transcendental art, however, until now, I never was able to. My family wanted me to bring in the money, to do a trade that helped support the family. For 30 years I did graphic design. Admittedly I always had some sort of dimensional art going on in the back ground. 

I wasn’t making money off of my passion until now. And honestly, the muse of the artist has blessed me with a plethora of ideas for future magnificent art, and I can not help but create. 

Remember the archetype story about the little girl with the red shoes who could not stop dancing? That is how it is as an artist, when we open out hearts truly to what our passion is.

The passion is like a river rapids. Once the flood gates are open, there is no stopping the creativeness that is flowing through!

I am posting one of my first glass pieces that combines ceramic with glass…It was a tricky piece, but I am pretty sure I know how to combine them now. The clay pieces are long delicate needle type elements. The glass is over laid to look like a chieftains  breast plate. 

I met a woman from Tampa FL ages ago, Chanta Ishta (waving-if you are seeing this) and I fell in love with her spirit!! There was a strength about her inner light that was captivating. I didn’t intend to fall in love with her. However, her spirit knocked me off my feet. Like a flash flood I was sweep into the passion of her spiritual magnificence.

That was way back in 1997…the art was created in 2009. We carry people with us, they change us, and if we are lucky enough they drag us under their waters into their passionate love.

There are no points here, just curves of underwater bubbles. Old loves flow through every now and again. Life goes on.

Love you.

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