Monday, January 26, 2015

Each wing--a new friend

Original Art created just for this special little blog--by the
Queen herself, Judith Parsons...You need summin special...
Write me!
I created this graphic to illustrate the ying and yang of friends…the abstract wings that represent 2 incredible new people in my life. 

I didn’t know how much I missed having friends to hang out with and to share a meal with -until today.
It is as if I have stepped from a deep dark tunnel into the light. The friends are the light. 

It is an interesting phenomenon —making friends.

My experience has been this…and NOW I understand my children’s feelings about us moving all over God’s creation. 

When you move to a new place, and are starting a school—most of the people in that school ALREADY have friends.

They probably grew up and went to kindergarten with those friends. 

Enter the new kid on the block. (sighing) She walks into the room smiling, then places her hands into her pockets…and finds the empty seat at the back of the room.

Who makes friends with the new lonely kid? Probably other lonely sad lost kids. If she is lucky. Chances are she is alone…

Take all that information and translate that to a 50 year old woman—-(okay I am revealing my heart here) she has white hair, she isn’t trying to be a cool hip young artist…SHE is what she is.
She is becoming herself.

Today, was a marvelous day- because I have been in San Francisco for a year and 5 months and haven’t found—UNTIL today friends that really “clicked” with me…One is 30 years old- and a reiki level two light and one is 25 years old—and is “naughty” and they are both WONDERFUL!!! (waving and grinning)

They are new to the Academy of the Arts University—and they are both in my jewelry class!! I am soooo excited to find other passionate—light minded souls!!
What out world!! Wooohooooo!!! Wonderful incredible ART is being made—by 3 wonderful wild warrior women!!!

Wooooohooooooo!!! I am SOARING NOW!!

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