Saturday, January 17, 2015

Margaret's Birthday!! Pure ART!

Today is my daughter’s birthday and 21 years ago there was an earthquake in California. I remember because my sister Lynn (waving) called while I was in labor asking if we were okay. I remember thinking then that God did not want to release this soul from his heavenly realm. 

You know when you have met an angel. Margaret is an angel of light. Her smile is contagious! She lights up a room when she walks in! Her spine is straight and made of metal, she was born strong and continues to soar through life. When I think of her, I think of her with wings, she is a messenger to be aware of. Her ability to comprehend and convey reality flows from her paintings and animations.

SHE, is a warrior woman of fierce light!

I glance toward the future and “see” flashes of future walks upon beaches, holding hands with lots and lots of laughing.
There are many memories I keep hidden in the velvet pouch of my heart, every year I take them out and glance at them. They shine so luminously that I must wear eye protection. (grinning) God did lose an angel on January 17, 1994. I am incredibly blessed that Margaret made the choice to come to this realm through me.

The best gift ever- was having Margaret. I love you Dearly Sweet Sunshine! 

I will never forget your words: “You are art.” Those magical words changed me, made me believe in myself and my art.

We are art! And I can not wait to see how we flourish and grow!!

(hugging you tight) I love you Dearly!!


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