Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wooooohoooooo!!! Hang on babe!

Crazy pieces of art..No sense art...Original mess
By Judith Parsons 2015
Help me Lord

I go into photoshop to draw one simple thing…stairs….You know—stairway to heaven.  Walks in a hurricane of ideas and thoughts —they are flying off that vortex of magical light- spinning and swirling and flying in my face.

I put my forearm up over my eyes, like I can protect my eyes from all the ideas flying at me. Then as I see this image of myself walking into the vortex of crazy flinging flying ideas I start laughing…I go crazy with photoshop..I start drawing and drawing and playing with sacred geometry…I will not reveal all of the ideas—here…if I did you would think—“Yep—she has cracked—gone off her rocker.”
(Picture porch rocking chair on its side- and crazy laughing woman curled up in fetal position laughing her ass off.)

We might as well laugh!!!

Crazy is just one more word upon the roller coaster ladder of life. That was another drawing. The ladder is like a rope ladder..and that is the magical thing about it all…YOU see? The ladder twist and turns and becomes this DNA double helix mad house ladder…and we are climbing and laughing..and then it become an animation —the image of rungs and supports breaks apart...the rungs and supports become jungle vines..and there you have it we are back at square one…Tarzan and Jane.

Happy to be eating bananas….(grinning)

Rambling—that is all I am doing. I am being selfish…and I need to go get some bubble wrap and get some stuff in the mail…Sorry sisters, brothers, and daughter…I swear I WILL get your stuff in the mail..ummmm soon. (laughing) If I say today..then i jinx myself..sooo (picture my lips pressed tightly here) I will go get the bubble wrap NOW…

No rhyme or reason—no making sense today…just skipping down the road…Enjoying the heck out of life—-enjoying the way ALL of you love and support me—and my art…Love love love the heck out of this crazy social tribe family I have….

When I win the lottery—-or when I get a great job teaching college…I would love to gather all of you for a huge night of laughing and loving in candle light!!

Life is too short to limit ourselves….Wooooohooooooo!!!

Soar sweet loves!! S-O-A-R!!!

 I love you!

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