Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Strongest link--You.

School started last week, and I have not had the energy nor time to really cook. I smiled as a huge tour bus with a fabulous photograph of a red tail hawk and that name, drove past. It was going to be a great day, because of that omen! (grinning)

I stopped into a great sandwich shop to pick up a bagel and coffee before class. Sitting outside of my art building was a rough looking dude. He had on a stylish wrap/coat that was a little tired and worn but all in all he seemed aware. He had a huge glass bottle of beer beside him.

He was just sitting comfortable smoking a cigarette. He didn’t have a cup out begging for money. And when I first passed him and smiled and wished him a good morning, he smiled and nodded.

Coming back to my building, I stood outside to drink my coffee and eat my bagel. Being from the south, I was taught- you never eat in front of someone, unless you have enough  to share. So I did.
He took half the sandwich and said it was hard to bite with no teeth. I then started pulling mine apart and suggested he do the same. He took a couple of bites and we talked.
I started out with we are all as strong as the weakest link. As soon as I said it I felt like I was preaching. So I followed up with, the fact that I drank way too much wine and wished I didn’t. As soon as I said that, I felt like an idiot. (sighing) He asked me when did I start drinking. When I was young it was legal to drink at 18. He nodded and explained it was what he did. I nodded and smiled. And told him to have a blessed day.

All day he stayed with me. You know that song, it was about God being a homeless person….gosh- what was that song? If God was one of us. His eyes were so bright. And he looked totally content.

And a friend of mine is having issues. And well, none of us should judge. Period. Just try and assist, so your heart feels good. But that person, who is dealing with his/her demons, HAS to deal with them. It is part of the learning we all have to do.

I learned around 50 to take responsibility for my actions and words. Some people just never ever get it. And you know what? It isn’t our fight to struggle with.

It is the hardest thing to do. Let someone fight their own battle. Even if that battle is with themselves.

Have a blessed day!.

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