Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chasing after art!!

Making maquettes for art. 

Thank you John Fick, for letting me borrow this book!!! I have been reading and reading before heading to Otto Frei jewelry store!! 


The book is about chasing. I love that that word has two magnificent meanings. If we Love something we chase after it, perhaps our feet are leaving marks, much like small dents into copper, into the earth.

When we are passionate, our energy chases and runs toward what our soul has been hungry for. 

Usually I put this upon other people. (Hanging my chin on my chest) Sadly, I admit, I think I was looking for art out of love from other people.

Life, self actualization, is a one man show, when YOU are finally happy with you.  THEN the real magic begins!!

I can’t be anything for anybody else right now, last night was the first night I slept ALL the way through the night. It takes time for the soul to center into itself. Yesterday I spent hours playing with poster board and making me.

I spoke with David Duskin who gave me time to discuss my art, all the symbols and what they mean to me, all the relationships with God and spirit and climbing stairs up and up… We discussed my fathers fish nets, how he would weave them, and how I ran to wood shop on Sunday to create shuttles to start weaving my own nets.

Thank you David for your time. It is rare to have time from an instructor. You blessed me with your wisdom. I was changed by that conversation. I have ladders to God, glass needles weaving nets and fish women swimming in my heart.

I haven’t forgotten anybody out there, in fact, I have to say you are closer to me now—now that I am focusing on my art, each one of you is in my art, every hammer stroke that textures the cross hatch is your touch, your smile, your raised eyebrow.

You go find your passion, you go and do what makes you incredibly happy!! 

CHASE after your love!!



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