Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lace Valentine

I am throwing away a bunch of old mess. I came across this half slip. I am not even sure “slip” is the word for what it is. It is like petticoat junction. Who in the world even remembers what a petticoat is? 
Off track—sorry…
Back to the main thread.
Tonight, I am trying to find all the puzzle pieces so I can honor a professor. (sighing) I admit I have not been the most organized person, however, graduate studies is all about “honoring the work” so I have become more tolerant of myself.

I am learning to throw mess away, I am learning to organize my world. I LOVE being more organized!

I am going to cut the lace OFF—to use as art. YEP—I am totally an artist now. The design of the lace- the texture- is more important than the slip...Who cares if you can see through my skirt...really who cares?
Singing and dancing through life- my head in the clouds--my feet stepping through life in my own Mardi Gras drumming dance! 

(sighing and smiling)
For most of my life I was the little drummer walking around in my own little swirling dyslexic bubble. I had no idea that whole “thing” is another writing. I just bounced off of people, finding them, trusting in the great “UNKNOWN” to somehow connect me to LOVES—to lights- - that made me feel like I was a part of a “LIGHT TRIBE”

Art is anything that is creative. ART is flowing. Here with words, we are ALL ART. Think about how miraculous that is. Stop.
Here your heart?

It is my heart.

We are BOTH the same!!

Heart- ART!!

ART is that little different drummer.

Let us all become the beat of Love and Laughter..of Lingering touches..of LEARNING to love!!
Happy V- day!
I love you all!

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