Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You don't tug on Superman's cape.

Photograph taken by Judith Parsons
“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.” About to fall asleep and this song starts playing in my head. Hmmm.  A great line from one of Jim Croce’s songs. 

This connected me to a friend whose favorite saying is: “Use your superpowers for good.” 
use my incredible word power to write about today. 

Not that it is any life changing event. It is just that fact that God puts us at a certain place at a certain time, and we really aren’t aware of how it is helping us at the moment.

This morning started off late. I decided to spiffy up the place, just in case I wanted to show a friend my humble abode. And that friend was running late, so I had time to catch up with friends as I waited outside the library.

I found out someone had passed, and it saddened me horribly. And if my friend had been on time then I would not have been able to catch up. 

As we were waiting for the next shuttle the students next to us pointed out the cool moon. It was then I took the photo you see. 

We finally met up and got on the school shuttle, when the driver tells us we have to catch the next shuttle. Lordy mercy. We were never going to get to where we needed to go!

When we finally are able to get upon the shuttle we desire to be on. We meet Dale (waving) Who informs us that the event we think we are going to attend isn’t until next week. We started laughing. It was definitely one of those days. 

It seems Dale got into an accident, that put her on the shuttle that we got on. It was synchronicity, chance, fate? It was pure luck! What ever you call it- it made us all very happy.

I was able to reconnect to a cherished friend, Manpreet and I had time to work on jewelry.

We are blessed to live this life.To be alive as our old fashioned borders of separations slowly fade. Eventually we WILL be one world, one people connected and caring for one another.

Until then, trust in miracles. 

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