Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart Story

Todays words are inspired by Love. This being the week of Valentine’s, there are hearts all over San Francisco. And the heart art created by yours truly has a story behind it.

The heart is a glorious shiny red wonderful heart, it has lovely little glass hearts clued all over it! Every time I walk by it I think- “Wow! Sooo pretty.” This time I stopped and took a photograph, with my telephone. Manpreet (waving) was with me. 

Every heart has its story, every love is sparked by a moment— of “ah ha”. I have learned a lot about love in my 54 years upon this earth.

I have learned that the best love, is a friendship love. The intimate sweaty sexy type of love is tricky. Perhaps one is not compatible, perhaps in that moment of incredibleness you realize it isn’t everything you want it to be. Or perhaps you find the perfect intimate love and don’t want to mess it up —because it was so dang good- well…nothing can compare.

So you see, love is a tricky slippery fish. Difficult to hold on to, to keep and to repeat. 
Perhaps THAT is the trick.
Just stop trying to hold it. 

Leave the palms open, then it swims gracefully up, lifting its wonderful head and tickles you with its tail.

Okay…Now I have to make a heart fish…(laughing) I will post it tomorrow…Heart fish art swimming by tomorrow!

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