Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Photographic eyes!

Art by Judith Parsons Art 2015
Last night was exquisite! I shared a meal with 3 other graduate fine artists. Jewelry designers and photographer. It was lovely to share a meal and glorious talk about what we do. What makes one tick? How do the cogs turn in that complicated beautiful mind?

There was a moment of conversation when K (waving) mentioned his fear of loosing his eye sight. As a photographer this would certainly be a fear most of us don’t ever think about. We take the light that graces us every day for granted.

His eyes were opened as he told me his vulnerability. The lights from the room highlighted his eyes. There were 5 distinct dots of reflected light. It was a slow motion moment of incredible beauty. At that moment I felt his fear. I swallowed it down and said a prayer that he would see with vibrancy until his death.

We all looked at one another’s eyes at that moment. Noticing the light and how it shined from our eyes. It was a lovely silly incredible night of food and laughter!

Thank you Sweet friends!! I was really flying!!

May you find someone to share a meal with. Someone that makes you smile. And look into their eyes and see that reflection- of your love and light!

Soaring beside you all! Woooohooo!! Life is grand!!

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