Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life hammers its lessons upon us.

Yesterday was a day beyond anything I have ever experienced. I met a friend who showed me how soft metal can be. 

I have been scared of metal, scared of controlling the heat. My heart beats a million miles an hour when I am handling molten hot lava metal. Yesterday, Robert showed me I didn’t need to be scared. He pulled out a million metal working tools and we took our time and we let the spirit move us.


It is heaven to be beside someone who is willing to share his knowledge. He was calm and centered and gracious. I can’t help but smile when I think about his knowledge, waiting for the student to come along and ask a ca-zillion questions.

We made a dragon fly and twisted metal, he showed me how to cold form copper, we cold formed and pressed metal hearts. 

He made a fabulous textured heart from beating on it. Think a minute about that. It is the hammering that creates the interest in the surface, that is exactly how life is. We start out all smooth and shiny and then life hammers its lessons upon us. Like copper it hardens us. Then with just the right amount of heat, the metal soften so it can be shaped into the designs we desire.

I took a chance, I didn’t have a clue what Robert would be like. It was a chance that paid off fabulously!! We have a million ideas of things to make!! THAT is being rich! THAT is what life is all about— learning to control the heat!

Thank you again Robert! I am stepping lighter and smiling brighter at the art waiting to be born!

Soaring with those metal wings!

A glorious day! We need to learn to be like metal, becoming stronger with each lesson hammered into us...then with just the right amount of warmth and compassion, we soften and become the art that we know we are!

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