Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Change-Art- Black cats

Photo and art created by Judith Parsons 2015
Today’s blog brought to you by change…and Harry the black cat.

Yesterday I walked into the General Bead store and there was the owner, regale and majestic. It was a omen that I was in the right place.

The omen came in the shape of a huge black furry cat. The mysterious black cat brought intuitive whispers of fabulous things to come. That cat was the guardian and knower of secrets. In a flash of seeing that cat I was seeing my fears and self-deceptions.

THAT cat could have been my Harry. We owned a cat- JUST like that one, same blasé attitude, emitting the same vibes: “I will give you attention when I feel like it.” It is unsettling to see a cat that looks exactly like one that has passed on. And yet it was comforting in a teary eyed way.

I gulped back the tears and “George” the cat, looked up at me and blinked and then squinted his eyes like he understood. 

It was a God moment.

We all know God moments. We gasp at the truths of them, not wanting to see the truth. Because the truth is a sword right out of the forge fire, it cauterizes the wound. We need to stop the bleeding. Stop the hurt, try to heal.

Seeing Harry/George was a sign I was back on track. Being an artist is brutal, because we are ALWAYS on. The mind goes at a million miles an hour, EVERYTHING is art. 

Cognitive development is based on previous knowledge. Like building blocks we build and build, and every now and again we need to start over. Art is that way. Life is that way. Even Love is that way.

I am focusing 100 percent upon my art. I can not give anything else my time right now. I am owning my stuff. I apologize Anita. (hugs) I will write, because I can’t help it. Maybe it is my ego. Maybe all artist have huge fricken egos. I am not looking for love from anything or anyone except myself now. My art is Harry, the metal sword, the clay masks and glass wings.

They ALL are pushing and pulling at me—it is a busy place in my head. They look up at me, like Harry and squint and blink —saying: “There is so much you do not know…” 
Trusting in change.

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