Sunday, February 15, 2015

Silky lace against my thigh

Photo taken  and composition created by Judith Parsons.

I was cleaning out my room, doing an early spring cleaning when I came across an old lace half slip. 

The first thing I thought of was: “Oooooo I can cut the lace off and make texture in my jewelry.” I sat holding the lace part in hand -with scissors at the ready.

In the olden days they were called petticoats. Well, thats what we called them in our household. However, it was purely sentimental, bringing the slip with me to San Francisco.

I suppose, now, it means more than ever. I would wear it when I dressed up. I didn’t dress up for fancy dates, my ex-husband and I never really did do much. We never had money. We were always spending it on other things. So the slip was for church mostly.

Maybe thats why dressing up for church is an important event. The dressing up part, gives us a chance to feel a bit prettier. It felt good to have the silk against my thigh. No one knew what I wore under my skirt, it could have been cotton with no lace. 

I can see the different skirts I wore over the years in my imagination. I can’t help but laugh at the long braided wet hair pulled back into a bun, like my mother did, because we were always late for church. And I imagine she pulled her hair back because she was doing the same thing I did, trying to get the kids dressed and out the door. Then she had 2 minutes to shower— throw on a slip, skirt, shirt and run out the door.
Wow. Looking back life was a hurried blur with little children. All these thoughts because of a silk slip.

Now, that I am at school, I give it my best when I walk out the door. I am a graduate student who embraces the idea that I AM art. I usually wear my grandmother’s silver bracelet, ear rings and artsy clothing. No longer do I walk out the door in painted messy jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I do have clothes I weld in. And I am a pretty down to earth kind of woman. 

I will consider purchasing a skirt, to go along with the slip. (grinning) Usually I wear slacks, but, (sighing) my thigh would like that secret silky feeling.

I will let you know!
(chuckling at self)

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