Saturday, February 21, 2015

Metal Queen

Metal work takes stamina and endurance. It takes an “I CAN” attitude and personality of determination. Someone who works in metal is definitely a person who carries through on her promise. I am talking the talk and walking the walk.

Metal people mean business.

It takes planning, it takes thinking outside of the box, it takes a; “I am King/Queen of all artist materials.”

What makes me the judge of artist? How can I know this? A good question you ask. You see I grew up working with wood. Then moved to clay. I thought clay was the end all and be all. Clay SHE is a woman and she needs patience. And glass I have worked with glass and glass needs precision. But metal, it takes fricking brute strength and deeeeeetermination!!!

As  child, oooooh how silly I was, I thought wood was the ultimate challenge. I would draw a curve, use the jigsaw, then sand it. Sooo happy with my bulls-eye target piece of wood. I thought it took soooooo much time. 

That was then. Now, (chuckling) I cut the metal with the metal band saw use grinders to take the metal down to exactly the precise line and it is an sparky event. Bending metal to a curve requires a tool, as John Fisk says. (waving) You make metal tools to assist in the process. You just do. It is a process that make me stronger and stronger. And every Friday night when I leave that dang building I am BEAT up, I was dragging my feet soooo slow that a homeless person said, “You are loved, never give up.”

I thanked him and tears rolled down my cheeks. My back was screaming at me, my legs felt like lead. I could only take small baby steps and I was taking them S-L-O-W.

I am writing this because I needed a few pieces of wood to set under a tool I was making in metal, I put the wood in the saw and pushed the wood and thought it was cutting butter with a hot knife. Maybe I should go back and take a wood class, so I can create magical art in another medium.
(smiling sigh)

On a positive note my biceps look great. Metal art MAKES you stronger!!

Wooohooooooo!!! You want to be strong? Go back to art school!! DO sculpture!!

Oh on the metal queen idea…I am not the queen yet, but give me another year at this, and honey, you will see a transformed woman!! (grinning)

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