Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lost Sail! Lost Sail! Lost Sail!

Photo by Brian Schmidt
Art by Judith Parsons and 5th grade students at
Folsom Elementary  (2010?)
Todays blog has two main purposes: to reflect upon a great piece of art and to ask you all to help me locate it!!

I feel a terrible sense of loss as I have lost a painted sail. How can someone loose something -so dang big? I know right???!!!

Four or five years ago a group of students and I painted a sail from my 30 foot sail boat.

It was a glorious project for us to do! We played Adele upon the cd player, they had to leave their shoes at the door and they walked carefully upon the sail, and helped me paint it. It took almost a month for 75 students and I to paint that incredible canvas.

I hoped to one day place it upon a sail boat, or at least use it at a art school I plan to have one day. I can imagine it hanging from a cathedral ceiling- draping down with sun light filtering through it.

When I look back upon the experience…It truly was an amazing God event. Simply because it was a miracle we pulled it off. The principal at the school, Lesa Bodner is an incredible woman! She let me do crazy blue dog projects with plaster and paint that huge sail. I have to admit—Folsom was the BEST experience of my life!!

(Going back to graduate school is nipping upon its heels...But thats another story--back to the sail)

The fifth graders gave back to me 100 times the energy I gave to them!! The staff Melanie and Jan were always smiling and ready to assist!! Thank you all!!

I moved my stuff to Savannah, Georgia. It was in my dad’s house, and now the house is sold, and I am not sure what the heck happened. The sequence of events is cloudy. 

However, the end result is that my heart aches. I lost glass wings, and a bronze drum ring because I left them in a storage that my ex decided not to keep up the payments on. We we own our s_it-then my lesson would be to not ever leave stuff in storage. Thats another story too.
Now, I have lost a sail.

Honestly, I have lost lots of things, and I keep telling myself they are just material things. (sighing) Lately I have been thinking about the past. In my minds eye, I am high up, sitting with feet dangling over the edge and you are there. You, the past. 

You smile at me, I smile at you, we caress one another’s faces, tears stream down our cheeks because we are happy to see one another and yet we do not know if we will ever see one another again.

I learned much from you, My Dear Past. I hope to see you again. Because, YOU taught me more than I ever taught you. I would love to give you a big old hug, (gulping) and THANK you for your magnificent lessons.

 However, IF you see a sail that looks like this…if it is on a sail boat, or hung in a restaurant, let me know. Please. So I can go to that person and ask for it back. Maybe I will trade some art for it. Who knows.

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