Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sailing San Francisco

Photographs by Anita Boyle!!
Thank you Anita!!! YOU are amazing!
It has been eleven years since hurricane Katrina, since I have been on a Cataline 32 sail boat. Ben, my nephew asked us out sailing.

I have been driving on the bridge looking down upon the sail boats wishing I was on a sail boat - and finally my dream came true! It was a magical day! The sun and wind perfect.

Sailing is the perfect spiritual activity! God’s breath is moving you along upon the water. The sound of the water against the hull is divine. The wind in the sails mesmerizing. Then as the sun turns golden, everyone upon the boat turns into golden Gods and Goddesses. 

It truly is heaven on earth! Thank you Ben for letting me find myself again. I have come full circle.

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