Friday, November 18, 2016

Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time…

There lived a tree climbing girl who loved singing to the birds. She never felt very smart however she knew she was clever.

At the time she didn’t know she was logical. At the time she only knew she could “figure things out”.

She loved following her dad about his shop. He would fix things and she would stand under foot and make him crazy.

She had a great friend, Danny, who came over and they would try out all of her dad's tools. They would act like they knew what they were doing. But they mostly laughed at the silly things they made.

She loved the old churches with their arches and curved ceilings. She could sit for hours looking at the lines that created the cathedral churches.

She didn’t think she could ever be an architect. There was too much math involved.

She grew up and decided to give auto-cad a try. Randy, the wise instructor laughed at how she would draw hands with the wire frame program, instead of measuring and completing the assignment. He was happy and a lovely friendship grew.

As the young lady became an older woman she kept learning. She fell head over heels in love with architecture and secured her bachelors degree from the university of CA, Santa Cruz.

She taught students, sold lots of art and still yearned to continue her studies. 

The only advanced degree she could strive toward in Louisiana was in Special Education. It was there that our artist met the wise wonderful Ph’D Cindy. Her heart was awakened with the plight of the struggling challenged students. This realm of learning was indeed special as the majority of the world tends to look away from these special children who need attention and guidance. 

Our artist ends her story here, in San Francisco. While looking for a college, she decided upon Academy of the Art University, as the head of the department, Lawrence was connected to Star Wars, and the "force" guided her there. She decided it was time to be courageous and take those “masters of fine art” classes. She could do it, she was clever. 

She kept the famous mantra in the forefront of her mind. “Persistence is omnipotent.” She kept working and working at perfecting her art. She learned that clay and metal were fabulous to work with and lovely materials, yet the precision wasn’t there.

Then she stumbled into the world of digital laser cutting. The master instructors in this realm were Gordon and Kelly.  Here they saw Judith’s potential. Here the cathedral of limitless art could be made and created.

It was here that she felt she finally could connect the artist that was clever with the now wise patient woman that knew the magic of Adobe Illustrator. 

Here is where the fun really begins.

Once Upon A Time… is now. THE magic of miracles begins!!

Wooohoooooo!! Life is amazing!!

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