Sunday, November 6, 2016

Untethered LOVE!

Original one-of-a-kind art, by Judith Parsons. Incredible art!

Another poetry friend wrote this line:
"Yet for anyone who walks alone untethered”

Relationships of the past were all about being tethered. The rope was a huge massive cord of wrapped metal that was strong enough to hold a massive metal freighter to the dock.

Today marriage and children are something many 20 year olds and 30 year olds are deciding NOT to do. 
They ask:

“What is the point to marriage and having children?” We all know it takes both parents working to raise a child. So who is raising the child?

Think about it. THIS. THIS is going to change us all. 

Decide to live beside a parent. Let the grandparent help raise the little one. You might not agree with everything the grandparent says. However, you know the songs that your mom and dad know. Changes are when your child starts singing, the family song will be a nice thing to share.

I taught a baby swimming class yesterday and it was amazing. The little babies were everything they needed to be. They were filled with every emotion. Fear of the water, fear of a person they didn’t know. Anxiousness about the temperature. Shyness about me. Then the happy learning emotions that come with becoming comfortable with me and the water. And then the crying, because they didn't want to leave!

It was great to be around new little fishes. It is lovely to give yourself to new people in a new energy way. No, I am not tethered to them in a huge metal way. I am giving up on the heavy ways of connecting. I am tethered with a smile and a little baby staring into my soul.

Yes, I saw me in that baby. It was infinity.

Go do something good for someone. Its okay to put other people first. It is okay to stop staring at your naval and making life all about you. Just do it.

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