Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kiss me in the rain...

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2016.

Tonight’s blog goes out to perspective. 

It sure is extra nice to experience something you don’t regularly have in your life. Perspective and rain are two that pop up tonight.

Tonight I visited with another artist and we discussed one another’s work. I love the way she sees the mistakes in my work, and the way I see the mistakes in her work. We have discussed it before. It is funny how the eye tires and stops Seeing.
The whole “see it from fresh eyes” is true.

Then the rain, seeing it is lovely, and at night— not seeing it is not so lovely. As in stepping off a curb and filing your penny loafers with water. It awakened me for sure!

The photo you see is tonight in the rain. The red light was incredibly extra ordinarily vibrant reflecting from the watery surface.

I sat at the bus stop, watching the colored lights of cars go by. The light moved in the rain drops.The colors were magically slow motion strokes of blurs. 

We are blessed with the rain. Most of you folks get tons of rain. Here, in San Francisco, we beg and plead God to give us rain. We don’t take rain for granted. It is the sort of thing that makes us wild with wanting! It is a grab your mate and  “run out under the rain, raise your face to the rain and kiss one another” sort of happy!!

Next time it rains in your neck of the woods, grab the one you are with and kiss them—out under the rain…enjoy the way it make you young again.

Night Sweet Luvs…enjoy!

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