Monday, October 3, 2016

Two great small insignificant things

We all have experienced the street light coming on as we walk by. Or maybe it turning off. If one is “aware” the slight small “sign” is not lost upon us. These little aware moments make us smile.
Magical energy is swirling all around us, waiting for us to notice.

Two great small insignificant things happened today. I know—a strange way to put it…however, once one knows…one can not “un-know” this awareness…

At swimming one of my students told me he loved his life, after I showed him how to do a kneeling dive. It was a simple thing. No big deal to me. However, to him, he was thrilled with his accomplishment.
I loved his grin, the way he looked at me. It was a lovely perfect “teacher-student kodak moment”.


Tonight as I was walking home from the movie, the wind picked up a plastic bag just as I walked beside it. It hovered and swirled around me. I stopped for a second, giving the energy a “hello” and continued on. There was a man video taping the street scene. I told him “magic” and laughed. The bag continued to move upward as I walked on.
It was a lovely moment. The man continuing to video the bag flying in the wind. 

I love my life.

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