Saturday, October 8, 2016

Snake snake snake...

Original art created especially for this blog
by Judith Parsons Art
If a snake bites you, you run. Initially, you get the heck out of dodge. Then you assess the damage. Was it a poison snake? You google your rear end off trying to find the snake, making sure you aren’t going to pass out and die in 20 minutes.

After you realize the seriousness of the situation you are either at the hospital or going back with a weapon to kill the snake.

Pretty simple right?

So, what if the snake is a negative person? What if the snake strikes at you, leaving you wondering, what the hell did I do, to deserve that?

It happens, a lot. 
Some people ignore it, and laugh it off.

Some people run away and contemplate what the next move is.
Some people keep taking that negative bite. Over and over again.
Some people kill the snake.


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