Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Not my body...

The art started out as 5 triangles centered over one another. I start with the triangle thinking of “Body, Mind and Spirit” it is a theme I am closely related to. I believe we should have balance in all areas.

Then I objectively stepped back and looked at the reality. Ken Robinson, said during a TED talk, “that most of us think of our bodies as something to hold our brain”. It is true. The body generally gets left behind when there is work to be done. 

Not my body… Yep. The body gets left on the sidelines. 

I personally have the swinging pendulum approach to my body. I generally don’t do anything for it, until my waist line gets tight and then I pay attention to what I am eating. Though, the reason I started teaching swimming was to make sure I got my rear end into the pool regularly.

Swimming is the only exercise I can tolerate. I do abhor sweating. Swimming is the outer space realm on this earth. Though, the point of this write really is to throw a pebble at a long Facebook friend and tell him: “Love yourself enough to put some time into your body.”

Okay I have said it. One must love oneself enough to work upon the body. It really does make you feel good when you can climb 5 flights of stairs and not pass out at the top.

The mind and the spirit get loads of exercise. Take the body out on a date, give him/her a little swim, a little rumba, and a little love.

Just saying.

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