Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oh the stories...Be brave!!

The original photograph was taken by Anita Boyle, in Ireland.
I played with it- to add text.
Graphic- by Judith Parsons Art 2016
Anita took this photo looking out her back kitchen door. The glorious mountain is a sentinel, the tree to the right of the photograph is aways looking at the mountain, as if they are conversing as long time friends. It is a glorious thing to have a tree with a man’s face in it, looking after your back garden. It is even better when rainbows come to visit and people show up in the clouds.

One of the incredible things about Ireland, is how people let you tell your story. They do not care how far-fetched and insane it is. They attentively listen, and add bits to the story to help it along. One of the things my sweet girl-friend says is; “It is not my story to tell.” She respects the other's story. We all know, each family member, will remember the story form their own perspective. Every single thing in cognitive processing is based upon previous knowledge. THEY get it, in Ireland!  There isn't a family member saying: "That is not how I remember it."

Take that in.
Let it sit upon the surface of your liquid mind. 

It makes me smile. I have a brother, Alex (waving) who loves to tell fabulous incredible fish stories. It is who he is, he really should write a book! I really never appreciated his stories until I fell totally head over heels in love with Ireland. And then, my twin brother Jack, who has a million stories to tell too! I just shake my head at his life and what he has been through!

There is another brother, Paddy, who I start chuckling about as soon as I write his name. While visiting this summer, he told me that if someone asks me a question that I might not know the answer to, then: “I should make it up — and be as convincing as hell!” 

You see, it is in the confidence of the story teller that makes or breaks the story. I am grinning at the memory! Boy-oh-boy, can that man make me smile!! Thank you Paddy for your stories and your incredible LOVE! There is something wildly exciting about people telling their stories, not knowing if there is any truth in the telling. 

stop and grasp the whole hawk eyes perspective, 
look at the whole distorted crazy life we all live in.
These days nothing is believable. It isn’t about the stories. It is about the doing.

Because really, when it is all said and done. It is not talking the talk. It is is doing the walk. It is being brave enough to believe in your dreams and accomplishing them.

Back to the photograph. We all know the “Lucky Charms” cereal commercial, and I imagine the Irish cringe at it. However, as a “Yankee” (as your mother puts it Anita) we grew up on that nonsense. And the magically delicious part of Ireland is you, Dear Anita.

You have driven me all over Ireland, showing me artifacts, showing me the history, and finally revealing the magical river behind your house. The gold is in the sun as it reflects of the rocks and ripples of your river. The gold is your heart, which amazes me, and your energy which wraps around me when I need it most.

The three, brothers need to meet! They all really know how to tell a story! I can not wait until that day! Alex and Jack meet Paddy!!

What a fun time that will be! Lets find the gold at the end of Anita’s rainbow!

I am grinning from ear-to-ear at what the future brings!

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