Sunday, September 11, 2016

Please Time

This image created especially for this blog
by ONE-of-a-kind ...Judith Parsons Art 2016

If you embrace him, then you will benefit greatly from HIS experience on the subject. He and I have had great conversations about HIM and we have agreed on very important facts.

First you must be open minded. Unzip you mind, and see yourself like my friend Sarah with her sculptures. Just open yourself to time where you can sit with Mr. Time, and contemplate life. He has agreed to join you, like he does me. He told me to tell you not to worry, he has much time to give, and is happy to do so.

Then you let the pressing issues, the things you know you must do, rise to the surface. Let the bubble of time go. The balloons will rise, that need to rise. Sit and watch the situations bubble. Just watch from a distance. Chances are, if they REALLY are BIG horrible issues…they will raise a wee bit and float..hovering…waiting for attention.

You and Mr. Time can look at these “issues” objectively. Like looking at a caged lion. You and Mr. Time have all the time in the world to access and evaluate what needs time and what does not need time.

Mr. Time is nodding at me and wants me to tell you about “gathering”.  Gathering time is something you can not force. You can try and gather it, like scooping beach sand upon your lap. But, alas, by the time you make it a few feet, most of the sand, or time, has slipped through your hands and lap. Don’t even go there. He says: “Leave it to the professionals.” 

Mr. Time leans over to me and says;”We know when you are ready for the event to happen.” 

I raise my eyebrows and ask;”You mean when we are kids, and we are waiting and begging for Christmas? Then we become adults and we abhor how fast Christmas seems to come?”

Mr. Time grins, I swear I could slap him. He chuckles and says; “Yep!”

Okay…let me step in here and scream….Because we have all felt this a ka-zillion times…Don’t you just want to shake the life out of him?

Back to the conversation… Mr. Time is rocking in his porch rocker with a beer in his hand. 
“I see, you’ve made yourself comfortable. You have found the refrigerator and bottle opener?”
He smiles, takes a gulp and say replies; “I even found the lime on the counter and put a slice in my Corona.”

I smile and sigh and ask about this gathering of time phenomenon. He explains that as we mature, we step further away from the source of energy, unless you are like me…where I bug the man Mr. Time to death. Then, he laughs, saying he can not be killed.

The best we can do is learn how to rise with Mr. Time, we can grab him as he flies by, or we can slow it down a bit and breathe. I like sitting upon the front porch of my minds eyes and enjoying his sense of humor. He winks at me as I write this.

“What else you got?” I ask Mr. Time.
“Energy is a flow. We can build it up by eating right and sleeping more. When a big emotional event hits us, the energy is like a tire with a slow leak. We need to patch it and build up the energy again. It takes time.”

We cheers our beer bottles together, making eye contact like Sara taught us. We both laugh. We like her in our lives. She seems to understand Mr. Time too. (waving and smiling)

Mr. Time stand up and hugs me. He wants to walk on the beach alone. I understand. Sometimes we all need a little TIME.

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