Friday, September 2, 2016

Coffee elixer of the God's!!

Playing in Adobe Illustrator...You know how it is, when you
have REAL homework to draw, and well, you play.
Original art created by Judith Parsons 2016
Just for this special blog.

I was pondering the difference between having coffee in Ireland and San Francisco. 

First off, it is really true love, when someone awakens earlier than you to put the water on to boil and grind the coffee beans to make coffee. THAT is really the first thing I miss, thank you Anita for making coffee almost every morning for me.

The sun is golden this time of year. Coffee and golden light! What incredible things to rejoice about! While standing at the kitchen window, slurping my coffee in Ireland I was very aware of the color of the light. Everything changes when the light changes.

I will restrain from going off the deep end about the color of the light. But it changes how you see everything. 

Earlier in the summer, the light was a crystal clear light. Think of the water running through a river, the mud makes it hard to see the rocks upon the bottom. Then after a few days of no rain, (YES, that actually happened) the water runs crystal clear. The rocks are plainly visible. The light seemed brighter in July, it matches my melancholy with fall approaching and the cooler months upon us. The light is not as white now.

Here in San Francisco, I have no view from the kitchen and immediately I think of a book by that title. Lucy and George are the main characters, but I am trailing away from the main theme. I stand at the kitchen sink, stirring my coffee into my french press container and wistfully see Anita’s back garden in my minds eye.  I turn and walk back to my one small bedroom, which is where I do everything. Eat, sleep and tons of illustrating upon my laptop. The golden light lays upon my bed, a strip from the sunrise runs up Sacramento Street.

In Ireland, I would walk to the dining table and sit looking out the window at the roses in the front garden. The roses would sway in the morning breeze and all was well with the world. I would open the window and inhale the fresh air and slurp my coffee. Anita’s mom would walk in and there would be the customary good morning greetings. God knows, I miss that woman!

Ask her if she slept well and her answer will be: "I always sleep well." (grinning) I started asking it, just to see if she would waver from those four words. Nope. She always answered the same.

Smiling and sighing.

There is much to be said for companions along your quest. Someone to smile at, someone to hug, someone that makes coffee for you. 

Oh, I must mention, Fannie Graham. She was a magnificent woman!! An incredible story teller!! I remember sitting at her feet as a child. Her stories and the way she moved her hands when she spoke was enthralling! I accidentally hit a key that ejected the CD that Gena Varn sent apparently Fannie wanted me to mention her. We are ALL more connected than we will know! (hugging you tight) Thank you Love!

Enjoy the golden light sweet Luvs! It really is a magical phenomenon.

Tomorrow the golden light from a fire.

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