Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hope is our Holy.

"Hope is our Holy" words from a poem by Amrita Valan.
Art created especially for this blog by
Judith Parsons Art 2016
We are all more woven together than we know.

Todays art was inspired by a friend who I have only met through a poetry group. Amrita Valan, is her name and those four words, inspired today’s art.

There is something very special about trusting others enough to tell them your dreams. Poets dream, they are continually putting themselves “out there.” Always speaking (writing) their highest truth. To write your sensitive feelings for the whole world to see is an incredible ability.

Personally I write to help download all the ideas and thoughts banging against the inside of my mind. If I didn’t write or blog, I would probably be locked away in a white rubber room. As I age, I know these things about myself. 

The poetry group has become a family. It is a new sort of relationship this Facebook family, familybook would be a fabulous name for how we have all become closer because of our words. The words carry energy and uplift and buoy us along our river of wonderful teary eyed words.

We have had deaths in the group. One member and then relatives of the members have passed. We build rafts of words and help carry one another when the world becomes too heavy. When we become concrete and sink and drown under the weight of death.

THIS is a new love…

Thank you Facebook for teaching me about new love. Thank you Facebook for allowing all these magnificent people into my life. This social river is ALIVE and well. I am thoroughly enjoying knowing my friends better because of this familybook.

“Hope is our Holy” thank you Amrita for writing your beautiful soul!

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