Tuesday, September 6, 2016


An original illustration created JUST for this blog...by the
writer/artist Judith Parsons Art (Jp Parsons) 2016
Many of my friends experienced a hurricane on the east coast. I have checked that horrendous box, lived through the devastating New Orleans Katrina and was changed forever by that storm.

We moved, and moved and we tried to rebuild a home, that never seemed to get finished. Then I moved on. I was looking for myself in all the wrong places. Other people and other loves. I decided to go back to college and find the “real” me. 

Storms happen for a reason. To knock the big old dead oak branches out of the tree that no longer grow. To knock some sense into our heads. What ever was happening, just wasn't working anymore. We grow, we change, we evolve. 

May you see the storm objectively. 
Congratulations on surviving the storm. I hope it was just a plain ‘ole thundering sort of rain. I hope you are better for it.

We keep flowing, we keep growing…we just do.

Play some music today. We all have things that need completing. Time to get the job done!

Might as well dance about while doing it!

Love you!

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