Monday, September 19, 2016

Build confidence!

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2016
When you need the perfect art...
This note is for all of the parents who want their children to be the best in the class.

As a teacher, this weekend I witnessed a horrible event. One student was passed and pushed into a class, where he didn’t belong. He was not on the same level with all of the other children. When I assessed and evaluated his level of performance, HE KNEW he couldn’t do what I was asking, so he broke down and cried. He was embarrassed.

I felt horrible for the boy. He didn’t have a clue— how to do what I was asking him to do.

So this note is for the teachers, DON”T pass a child who isn’t doing the work. 

Parents, let the children learn the work. 

Swim instructors, keep the children at the level —until they build up confidence in that level. 

Swimming is a life transforming ability. Let the child have fun!! Play games!! 

Another thing: Parents, get in the pool with your children!!

End of rant.

Thank you!

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